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10 Beautiful Lessons Learned

Yesterday was my birthday, the big 3-3! I am always more than excited to celebrate my birthday, and I super love making my own birthday cake. While I didn’t get to bake myself one this year though, I did make this one 2 years ago and it was AMAZING!!! Recipe is from Everyday Annie, and you should totally make it.

10 Beautiful Lessons Learned |

With each birthday that passes, I am learning to recognize that I am more wise, more aware, and more myself. And honestly, that’s a pretty good feeling. Growing in to who you truly are is really the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Oh, how I’ve learned SO MUCH in the last 3 years, since hitting my 30s. It’s been incredibly trying and heartbreaking, but also just really beautiful and inspiring. I’ve honestly never felt more like myself than I do today. Like I have finally risen from a very deep, dark black hole into this open, bright space in my life where anything is possible now.

It’s been like an out-of-body experience, watching myself throughout this transformation, becoming who I’ve always known myself to be. I am so grateful, beyond thankful, and entirely blessed. I look forward to all the wonderful things that await me in this life, and I know the best is yet to come!

With that all being said, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge some important lessons I’ve learned since living life in my 30s. Trust me, I began writing a bit more about each lesson, but a bit more became A LOT more. And well, my words became more like an individual novel for each. So, for now – this is my quick, succinct list. And then I’ll select some (or all?) to elaborate on later in future posts.

*Drumroll, please* – Here we go!

10 Beautiful Lessons Learned

  1. Learning how to be present in my life.
  2. Becoming self-aware.
  3. Listening to my heart.
  4. Learning how to truly love myself.
  5. Not giving a f*ck what people think about me.
  6. Learning to do what makes ME happy.
  7. Recognizing I have an innate desire for human connection.
  8. Learning it’s okay to be vulnerable with others.
  9. Listening to and trusting my intuition.
  10. Learning to pursue my dreams.

I am so itching to write until my heart’s content for each of these RIGHT NOW, but I’ll wait! It’s good to just kind of read and ruminate on these. I am sure I could’ve come up with a lesson learned for every year I’ve been alive – all 33 of them – but I feel like these are the most important. They are kind of in order of how or when I learned them, just in case you were wondering.

Now I challenge YOU to take some time to reflect of what you’ve learned so far in your life, or perhaps what you’ve learned through experiencing a difficult time. And if you’d like to share, I’d love to read your list and learn!

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