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Month: October 2018

Love Yourself Yoga

Love Yourself Yoga


I had plans to write a big, long post about my story before diving into individuals posts about the lessons learned that I listed here previously. But, my weekend didn’t quite go to plan, which is okay. I was kind of blah, and overall, just didn’t feel too great.


Then there was yesterday, when I planned to try again. But, I listened to my heart and what I knew I needed. I allowed myself to feel even when I didn’t want to. And really, that feels worth noting and acknowledging. I say that because of all the times I needed to feel but wouldn’t allow myself to. The fact that I allowed it yesterday without pushing it down, pushing it away, and burying it…means I’ve grown. And it’s a big deal to me. So, yay for growth!


I’m not sure if I mentioned it here before, maybe I have, but one of my favorite yoga videos is Love Yourself by Nicky Jones. I originally found her, and the video I believe, on Do Yoga With Me. And it kind of just became that video I turn to when I need to let go, release, and cry it out. Yesterday was that kind of evening. I know I needed it, so I got all cozy, got my comfy blanket, rolled out my mat, and I did this 33-minute yoga video. And yes, it’s exactly what I needed.


Love Yourself Yoga |


I don’t do this video often, only when I NEED to. That may sound odd, but it’s really just an indication of how far I’ve come and how well I know myself now. And I’m really proud of that and of myself. If you don’t have a go-to yoga video for tough times, I hope you’ll give this one a try. I’m not sure why, and I guess I can’t really explain it, but for me, there is peace and comfort in Nicky’s video. And it kind of let’s me know everything is going to be okay as long as I keep returning to myself and loving myself.


Sometimes I think I return to this video as a reminder, specifically for this line… (more…)

10 Beautiful Lessons Learned

10 Beautiful Lessons Learned

Yesterday was my birthday, the big 3-3! I am always more than excited to celebrate my birthday, and I super love making my own birthday cake. While I didn’t get to bake myself one this year though, I did make this one 2 years ago and it was AMAZING!!! Recipe is from Everyday Annie, and you should totally make it.

10 Beautiful Lessons Learned |

With each birthday that passes, I am learning to recognize that I am more wise, more aware, and more myself. And honestly, that’s a pretty good feeling. Growing in to who you truly are is really the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Oh, how I’ve learned SO MUCH in the last 3 years, since hitting my 30s. It’s been incredibly trying and heartbreaking, but also just really beautiful and inspiring. I’ve honestly never felt more like myself than I do today. Like I have finally risen from a very deep, dark black hole into this open, bright space in my life where anything is possible now. (more…)

Dream Big – And Then, Dream BIGGER

Dream Big – And Then, Dream BIGGER


As I approach my 33rd birthday tomorrow (Yay!!), I wonder what in the world am I going to make of my life? As I’ve said, I’m tired of playing small and I most definitely want to take up space in this world. I want to dream BIG and then dream even BIGGER. As I learned from Jess Lively’s Live With Intention Online course – take your dreams and then multiply them by 3. Live big, take up space – follow your passion, your purpose, your heart.


Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE to bake and I live for a comfy cozy coffeehouse. While I want to live big and dream big, I truly do live for, love, and appreciate the small things in life. Because – it’s the small things in life, it’s always the small things that matter most. I like to call them life’s simple pleasures. And for me, a good latte and sweet treat is just that – a small thing and a simple pleasure.


Dream Big - And Then, Dream BIGGER |


In my humble opinion, it seems that everyone loves the desserts I bake. And therefore, countless people have said to me you should open a bakery! I am a self-taught baker, born out of my love for the sweet things in life – and hundreds, if not thousands, of hours dedicated to watching the Food Network for years on end. And reading cookbooks and following so many food blogs.


The idea to own a coffeehouse and bakery has always been in my mind and in my heart. Even now, everyone is still like sooo when are you opening that bakery? I had a friend who lives over 500 miles away text and ask me are you shipping your cakes yet?   (more…)