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Month: November 2018

Music Is Healing

Music Is Healing


Okay, so let me be honest – I feel a lot like hell today. It’s been a rough week. But, I’m here – I’m showing up, even when every ounce of my being is tired and screaming I want sleep! I’m that deep-to-the-core tired. You know, where you’re not physically tired – I slept over 7 hours! – but you’re emotionally tired, is it? My soul is tired. That’s it.


But, I’m here.


I was going to move ahead with my post on Lesson #4 about learning how to truly love myself, but I know I’m not in the ideal headspace to write that post right now. And that post and you deserve my best and more, so I’m going to wait. Be on the lookout next Tuesday for that post! Also, see how self-aware? I like it.


This week, because of how I’m feeling, I’ve been sinking myself in music and sleep. But still keeping up my workouts, so points for that amazingness! Proud of myself for that. But yes, music! It’s my everything, my go-to. These last two days have been all country music, which is how I know I’m in that space that no other music will really satisfy. Basically all modern country songs are good and I don’t have to skip, or hit next, or get frustrated, which just adds to the mood. Funny, right?!


Have you ever turned on your Pandora, or whatever you use, and like the music is ALL over and just not doing it for you, and you’re like REALLY PANDORA, can’t you just get it right? But then you realize – uhhh, Pandora is an app…it’s your mood that’s the problem. Pandora can’t get it right because your mood is confused. LOL!


Curious what music y’all listen to and if it changes based on your mood or how you’re feeling? What’s interesting for me is that when I used to be in this mood – this leave me alone space – I would absolutely blast “Numb” by Linkin Park. Why? Well, because it would literally be so loud I couldn’t possibly have any other thoughts. And therefore, it’d numb my emotions. (more…)

Lesson #3: Listening To My Heart

Lesson #3: Listening To My Heart


Hey Friends! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday (if that’s your thing), along with an extra-long weekend. I surely enjoyed every minute – good food and sweets included. Yummy! Oh, and SLEEP. My favorite!


So, today we’re on to Lesson #3 from my 10 Beautiful Lessons Learned post. If you’re following along, you can catch Lesson #1 and Lesson #2 first. Otherwise, on we go!


Lesson #3: Listening to my heart


For me, this lesson is a combination of heart and intuition. It’s no secret I’ve spent most of my life bottling up my emotions, but over the last few years, I think I’ve come to identify with the expression “I wear my heart on my sleeve”. This expression basically means that one openly expresses their feelings, allowing themselves to be emotional and vulnerable. Yikes! This is still super scary for me – no doubt about it – but I’ve done it and I’ll continue to do it.


As you know, it was about 3 years ago when I began allowing myself to feel and acknowledge my thoughts, emotions, wants, and needs. You know how when a thought keeps coming up, but you keep pushing it back down? Like, uh no – not today! Well, I learned to stop doing that. And unfortunately, as a result, my life began to unravel. But it was at this time, and with making the decision to ALLOW and FEEL, that I began tuning into my heart and listening. I began trusting my intuition – you know that gut instinct you get? Listen to it.


Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.


Over the last few years, here’s what it meant for me to listen to my heart and intuition: (more…)

Today I Am Thankful For…

Today I Am Thankful For…


I just wanted to hop on today to say Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re enjoying a wonderful day spent however it is you choose. Today and every day, I feel entirely thankful, grateful, and blessed. You know I’m a huge fan of making lists, like my Attitude of Gratitude post, so I also wanted to take a moment here today to acknowledge a few things I am thankful for – not only today, but every day.


I am thankful for…


    • My health and wellness – being alive and well
    • My morning workout sesh – currently doing Fitness Blender’s Strong Program (LOVE it!)
    • Purchasing my ticket to visit my sister and her family for Christmas – yay!! And it’s going to be warm there!
    • My family + friends
    • Music (Of course I’m listening to Lauren Daigle!)
    • Candles – so warming and relaxing
    • Writing
    • Acknowledging my feelings
    • Good food – my dad is an awesome cook!
    • Yummy desserts (waiting until I feel less full to eat MORE)
    • My long, beautiful auburn hair. I keep getting compliments on how shiny it is and it gives me all the heart-eye feels.
    • Feeling happy – sometimes it just hits me and I think this is a good feeling!
    • Love (2019, I’m looking at YOU!)
    • My loving heart
    • My kindness
    • My faith in God
    • Comfy cozy clothes, warm fuzzy socks, and a hot cup of coffee
    • Feeling very fortunate and so blessed