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Month: January 2019

Lesson #8: Learning It’s Okay To Be Vulnerable With Others

Lesson #8: Learning It’s Okay To Be Vulnerable With Others

Let’s dig into Lesson #8 from the list of 10 lessons I’ve learned so far in my 30s. Lessons 1 – 7 are linked below for you to read first. Tough lessons, but nonetheless, valuable beyond measure.

#1: Learning how to be present in my life.

#2: Becoming self-aware.

#3: Listening to my heart.

#4: Learning how to truly love myself.

#5: Not giving a f*ck what people think about me.

#6: Learning to do what makes ME happy.

#7: Recognizing I have an innate desire for human connection.

And now, Lesson #8: Learning it’s okay to be vulnerable with others.

This whole blog is a practice in being vulnerable with others, and it wasn’t easy at first – but, I decided to just be myself, share my journey, and let it be. I’ve written so much about being vulnerable, what it means to me, and how difficult it’s been for me throughout my life. I don’t know if there was something special about hitting 30 or what, but it seemed to be the magical time in which I dropped my guard and began learning that it’s okay to allow myself to be vulnerable.  

I think that’s such a key word: ALLOW.

Random Ramblings #3

Random Ramblings #3

Let’s catch-up on some things! Random Ramblings style, of course. 😊

My travel arrangements for Greece are ALL set! I fiiiinally bought my ticket at a cheaper price than I’ve been finding for months, so YAY for that. And my Airbnb is all set up for the night I get in late and for the morning I leave early – at the same place, on the beach. Score!!! Everything is falling into place, and I am beyond excited!

My passport arrived this week – OMGee!! It took less than two weeks which I surely didn’t expect. I also went ahead and got the passport card, because why not? I soooo want to go to Sicily next! And Lisbon, Morocco, and Bali. Oh the places I’ll go!

Random Ramblings #3 |

It’s no secret I like lists and that I always have my notebook full of to-dos. Luckily, a few Instagram ladies that I met in the online Jess Lively course I took about a year ago, suggested I use Trello as an organizational tool. I took a moment to set it up and it’s GOLD, my friends. It allows you to create multiple boards with 3 different lists – To Do, Doing, and Done. You can also customize them to whatever you’d like. It’s an App, and you can also use the site. I currently have a board named “Cesca Rose” for this blog, “Personal” for alllll the life things, and “Yoga Teacher Training” for Greece. It’s keeping me organized and on-track. If you’ve never heard of it, and you love lists, I super highly recommend it. Or well, if you just need help organizing your life, and honestly, WHO doesn’t need that?

Accepting Love

Accepting Love

In my post about connecting with others, I mentioned that self-love and receiving + accepting love from others go hand-in-hand. This has been rolling around in my mind ever since – it was kind of one of those aha! moments. It seems so obvious, right?! But at the same time, I think it’s easy to keep at surface-level and not really dig any deeper into how these things connect.

Now what do I mean by that? Well, I think a lot of people just float through life on autopilot – I’ve totally been guilty myself – without taking the time to think about or analyze themselves or their situation. We avoid digging deeper into our thoughts, our hurt, our trauma, or whatever else, so that we don’t have to actively do the work to heal ourselves. And because owning these things mean we take some responsibility too, which can be tough.

We’re human. And it’s easier to avoid than it is to work on improving ourselves. I get it – I’ve been there – but I assure you, you’ll feel so much better once you decide to actively heal what hurts. It’ll free you in ways you never even considered. And when you feel better, you’ll finally realize you deserve better.