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“And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”

-Eckhart Tolle


Hi there, and welcome to Cesca Rose, my brand new lifestyle site! I’m Francesca and this is my creative little space in the world. I am a true introvert at heart, and I love writing, reading, working out, doing yoga, taking pictures, and ALL the food. Well wait, not ALL the food…because I’m a pescatarian (am I the only one who doesn’t like this word?!). Also, Music is life, and I’m a sucker for any and every good quote. Obviously!


Over the last few years, I crumbled, I fell, and I hit rock-bottom. But that’s okay, because when you’re in that space, there is nowhere to go but up. I’ve learned a lot, mostly about myself, but also about other people. I’ve learned to treat myself with the same love, kindness, and compassion that I show to others. And I’ve learned what it truly means to love myself. It only took 30-some years, but who’s counting?


Since the beginning of this year I’ve been planning my days because I do best with routine and structure, and it makes all the difference with my workout schedule and keeping myself on track. I also take some time each morning and night to write out any feelings and emotions that come up, which has helped me become incredibly self-aware and genuinely grateful—two key attributes to a healthy mindset and life.


In this space I’ll share with you my journey and what it’s taken to turn myself, my mindset, and my life around. You’ll find lots of inspiration for a little pick-me-up, all things life, good healthy eats, delicious sweets…because, balance! And some health and wellness info, since I strive to live a healthy lifestyle every day. You’ll also find a photography section, mostly nature pictures, as nature is one of my happy places. Minus that rustic lifestyle and bugs. Ick!


It’s been one new beginning after another, but I must say, this here is the most exciting part of my journey so far. I’m grateful to be past the hurt and the hard parts and on to a brighter future. So, here’s to another new beginning! 🙂


Thanks for visiting!