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Acne and Food Allergies


So about a month ago, in my Healthy Eats post, I discussed my new food journey and the possibility of going vegan. I mentioned that I was looking to change what I eat to see if my acne would improve at all – thinking that maybe I have some food allergies or sensitivities.


Well, turns out – I do! I finally had my allergy test yesterday and found out some interesting info. I am allergic to milk, tomatoes, spinach, almonds, hazelnuts, and pistachios. Besides hazelnuts and tomatoes, I eat all of these things Here’s the thing though – I’ve had absolutely no “typical” allergic reactions to ANY of these foods. No breathing issues, rashes, hives, or anything. My only thing? Acne.


Acne and Food Allergies |


I feel like I finally have an answer! And while I am SUPER SAD to have to eliminate ALL these foods from my life, I absolutely will, if it means I can have clear skin. Acne is no joke – it’s absolutely devastating, frustrating, and embarrassing. It crushes my self-confidence and makes me want to hide in the house and not let anyone see me. So, I’m really looking forward to seeing the difference it makes once I cut out these foods entirely.


Oh, I forgot to mention – even my doctor was surprised. When I originally told him I wanted to see if foods were contributing to my acne, he said that about 95% of the people he does tests on for this reason, do not have food allergies. So, he certainly didn’t expect me to. He’s like after 47 years, I’ve never seen this –  I assume he meant the combo of allergies with no other allergic reaction besides acne. Let me tell you, I am SO HAPPY we went ahead with the test. I feel relieved.


So let’s talk food now! My favorite! 🙂 Over the last month, I did good with some aspects, but not so good with others. Eggs are up first – I did cut them out for the most part. I’ve had eggs maybe 4 times in the last month, which is so much better than eating them daily like I was.


Milk is the only one of the six foods that kind of cramps my stomach – a lot of my family is lactose intolerant – but, I didn’t expect to have a true allergy to milk. Being allergic to milk means I cannot have SO MANY other foods – yogurt, butter, cheese, half and half, ice cream. NO dairy? What is my life now!? Ahh. I can’t even.


Dramatic much?

Acne and Food Allergies |


Okay, so – I still haven’t had any Greek yogurt and I miss it terribly! My smoothies just aren’t the same. I didn’t buy the probiotic yogurt again that I mentioned before because…it just was NOT actual yogurt. Although, I’ll probably buy it again simply for the probiotics. I’ve had cheese here and there, maybe 5 or so times. I went back to my regular dairy half and half because it’s THE BEST. But, now I really do need to find a good alternative and stick to it. I may try the non-dairy one again that I bought early last month – I didn’t LOVE it, but I can adjust.


Oh, and regular milk. I’ve probably had it fewer than 5 times as well – just a few lattes, because I love them. Also, did I mention I’ve been drinking almond milk every day for the last…4-5 YEARS (maybe more?) and I am ALLERGIC to almonds. What in the world! I also just ate a freaking jar of almond butter this last week.


But back to lattes – I can’t do regular milk or almond milk. I also don’t do soy really. Now what kind of latte can I have? Maybe coconut milk?! I haven’t come across oat milk at any coffeeshop around here. Hmmm. Oddly enough, just on Sunday I bought a plant-based milk with 10 grams of pea protein per serving. Score! I had just planned on trying it, but I guess that’s what I’ll be using from now on…maybe even as my coffee creamer.


Acne and Food Allergies |


Sooo yeah! Looks like I’ll be vegan after all. Wait – mostly vegan, I guess? Because I’ll probably still eat eggs and some fish, since I haven’t had any issues with either. Is there a word for this type of lifestyle? Anyway, this is a stellar example of doing whatever works for you as an individual. I will just create my own foodie lifestyle!


If you are struggling with acne and you’ve tried everything under the sun to heal it, maybe try an allergy test? I really, truly feel relieved to finally know about my allergies, so that I can eliminate the foods. I have a sneaking suspicion it’ll make a big difference in my skin. I’ll be sure to follow-up here again, so you know. I’m thinking I’ll eventually post about skincare as well because I’m making some changes there too.


Change is good – I am all for it!

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