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Attitude of Gratitude #1

In this moment, I am taking the time to do what I need most. I feel like it’s been a rough few days and it has kind of worn me down. Remember the other day I talked about alignment? This is one of those moments when I am not feeling aligned, not feeling my best.


I also mentioned in my post how I do my best not to focus on the negative, but today I find myself in a tough space. So, I’m doing the next right thing for me in this moment – to try to lift myself up. I’m being present with where I am. We’re all human, we have our days. This is my not-so-great day and that’s okay. I allow it the space – to feel it, to heal it, to let it go.


I sat here for a few moments asking myself what I need to feel better. The answer – to write a post about the things I am grateful for in this moment. Jess Lively calls it a “Rampage of Appreciation”, but I’m calling mine “Attitude of Gratitude”. It just feels right in this moment. I know how much better I feel when I acknowledge what I am grateful for, so here I am.


I felt I needed something more too, so I waited for the answer. And here I am listening to Lauren Daigle’s new album. She has an amazing voice and her songs touch my heart and soul. The love and positivity her songs shine into my life is simply wonderful. Her words remind me that I am deserving, worthy, and amazing even on the days I don’t feel like I am.


So let’s not dwell in the negative space – let’s instead find the bright spots to focus on. I got this, you got this, we got this. Remember…when you focus on the good, the good gets better!


Attitude of Gratitude |


Attitude of Gratitude – Today I am grateful for…


  • My self-love
  • How self-aware I am
  • My loving heart
  • The kindness I show to others
  • My ability to reflect
  • Knowing what I need
  • Doing the next right thing for me
  • My parents
  • Learning to forgive
  • Accepting what is
  • God’s love and grace
  • The joy my niece brings me
  • How determined I am
  • The crisp fall weather
  • Music
  • Allowing myself to be
  • Creating a safe space for myself
  • My brother
  • The love and excitement my sisters show for me
  • Learning to be vulnerable
  • Knowing my self-worth
  • Not allowing others to shake me
  • Knowing that the ground I stand on is solid
  • The life I am building for myself
  • Making positive changes in my life
  • Allowing myself to be open
  • My friends – those who understand me because they pay attention
  • The tough lessons I’ve learned
  • My journey
  • Taking steps to create the life I desire
  • My ability to workout
  • My health and wellness
  • Being true to who I am
  • Love
  • Recognizing there is more to this life
  • Knowing what I deserve
  • Knowing my worth
  • Being lifted out of a dark space
  • My ability to feel
  • My emotions
  • Trusting others
  • My emotional strength
  • Lattes
  • My ability to be strong for others
  • Being a caring person
  • Learning how to let go
  • Recognizing what love is and what love is not
  • Everything I’ve been through the last 3 years
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Silence
  • Stillness
  • My relationship with God
  • Who I am
  • The hurt and pain I’ve felt
  • My growth
  • Leggings, hoodies, and comfy socks
  • My super gorgeous auburn hair
  • My auburn waves
  • My pretty smile
  • My chocolate chip eyes
  • My self-discipline
  • My ability to help others
  • Knowing I am enough
  • My heart of gold
  • How focused I am
  • Becoming a better person
  • Learning from my mistakes
  • Being shown that I am worth loving
  • Learning that I deserve the love I so freely give to others
  • Surviving the storm that was my life for a bit
  • Allowing my walls to be broken down
  • Learning how to love myself


I’ve listened to Lauren Daigle’s entire album and have started it over now. It’s amazing!! I’m also feeling a bit more lifted up now.


I have a lot to be grateful for – undoubtedly way more than what I’ve written here. I could certainly keep going! And that’s the beauty of it all…seeing in front of you exactly how much you have to be grateful for. This is an amazing practice – reminding ourselves what we’re grateful for in this life. If you’ve never taken a moment to do this, you absolutely should. It’s really easy to lose sight of things when we’re just going through the motions of every day. So, take a moment, step back, and acknowledge and give thanks for all that you are and all that you have to be grateful for.


And remember – When you focus on the good, the good gets better. Repeat that to yourself because…energy flows where attention goes!


Be grateful today, friends. And spread the love.

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