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Cheers to 2019!

Happy New Year, friends!! Holy goodness, how it is already 2019?! I have no idea how a whole year went by so quickly, but what I do know is that I am SO thankful for last year and SUPER excited for this year! I rang in the new year quietly and low-key, which I feel sets the tone for the year ahead. I was completely at peace! Overall, I just felt and feel really confident about who I am and where I’m at. And, let me tell you, it’s a GOOD feeling.

I’ve thought a lot about this year and what I’d like to accomplish. Personally, I feel like I’m in a really good place – I feel healed, I feel whole, I have all the self-love in the world, and I’m overall just very grateful for who I am today and how far I’ve come. So, now that I feel like I’ve taken good care of myself and my heart, I am looking ahead to what comes next for me.

What I’ve been saying these last few days is that I dedicate this year to massive expansion in my life. Specifically, in these three areas:

  • Living
  • Love
  • Success

When I say living, what I mean is continuing to be happy, light, joyful, and at peace. Along with continuing to explore the things that spark my interest and set my soul on fire. I have really been enjoying coming into my own and figuring out this thing called life.

And well, love…I think that’s self-explanatory! 😊 But, what I will say is that I am just ready! Although, let’s be real, I don’t actually know what it means to be “ready”. I just know that I’m excited and looking forward! It’s taken me a really long time to get to this place of loving myself, and I feel good knowing what I bring to a relationship, and also, knowing what I deserve. I have no attachments to anything, I simply ask God for my ideal, or better. And I trust He’ll deliver.

As for success, I intend to stay true to myself and the desire I have to help others. The only catch is that I am dedicated to learning how to help others in different ways, instead of what I’m used and what I’ve always done for my career.

As you may have read around here, I am off to Greece for Yoga Teacher Training in April, and I am THRILLED!! I am excited to see how my love for yoga expands and how I’ll use it to help others. I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I am interested in yoga for trauma and healing. And I’m also just all about the journey of yoga, really tuning into yourself, and learning as you go what it is you need from yoga – because it is SO MUCH more than just a form of exercise.

Besides my yoga journey, I am looking forward to expanding this site and learning how to turn it into a business and brand. I’m all about this space being a full-on lifestyle site with the focus still on healthy living – mind, body and soul. To me, that simply means taking good care of ourselves in all aspects. I live and teach by example, so what you see here is how I live my life. I wouldn’t teach and preach what I don’t also practice. So yes, I’m excited to embark on a new journey, learning how to create the life I desire for myself. And I absolutely know it includes helping others in a variety of ways. Ideas have been rolling around in my head for a while now, and I’ve been taking note of all of them. Super exciting, I tell you!

So, here’s to massive expansion in 2019! For me and for YOU!! Words truly cannot describe the excitement I feel inside about this year and what’s to come. I feel entirely grateful, thankful, and blessed. I also just feel very fortunate to be in this place in my life right now.

And so, let the adventure begin. Cheers to an epically amazing 2019!!

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