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Daily Routine + Structure

Today we’re talking about daily routine and structure – my favorite! I briefly mentioned on my About page that I do best when my days are intentionally planned out, as it helps keep me on track, not only with my day, but also with my goals. Living with intention is probably something you’ll eventually hear me reference a lot around here.


So, what does a typical day look like for me?! Well, the first few hours of my day are the same – no matter weekday or weekend. And I LOVE it! I wake up early every day, even on weekends, because I’m not a fan of sleeping in. Don’t get me wrong, I super love and NEED my sleep, but sleeping in is a no-go for me. I simply love the early morning when it’s quiet all-around, when I can be with my thoughts, and just relish in the silence. There is nothing quite like it. It’s a beautiful few hours of pure freedom.


Okay, on now to how I structure my days. Some of you may roll your eyes at my self-imposed structure, while others are like it’s the only way to do it. Haha!


Daily Routine + Structure |


4:00am (6 or 7am on weekends) – Alarm goes off. I hit the snooze ASAP – there is nothing more annoying than the sound of an alarm in the morning. I also have an alarm set for 4:15, but what I typically do is open my eyes when the snoozed alarm sounds again at 4:10am…and immediately shut off all alarms, to avoid hearing the nails-on-a-chalkboard sound again. Oh, that is so disturbing. Hey, I’m also human, so sometimes I go all rebel and reset my alarm to 4:20. Just depends!


So now, I’m awake at least! I sit on the edge of the bed for a minute trying to wake myself up and shake off any sleepiness.


4:15am or so – Make my bed, trying not to stumble and fall over because my eyes may or may not be fully open. I run to the bathroom super quick, also swish some mouthwash because…gross. Then I change into my workout clothes, fire up my tablet, and do a few quick yoga poses to loosen up my just-woke body.


4:30am – I am ready to workout! Ooooh, how I LOVE my workouts. They are everrrrything. Yep, I workout at home, which has been really awesome actually. I’m used to a gym, but even at the gym, I was using workout videos on YouTube…so then, why not just workout at home? So far, so good. So anyway, I try to keep my workouts around 1 hour. Sometimes they run longer if I am feeling tired, or if the workout is just hardcore kicking my butt.


Daily Routine + Structure |


5:30am or so – I run and turn my coffeepot on real quick. Coffee is life, right? I prep it the night before because it saves time in the morning, and well, structure is quite obviously my friend. Then I grab one of my Fig and Walnut Protein Bites out of the freezer. And while my coffee is brewing, I run and wash my face. I have super sensitive acne-prone skin, so I have to be mindful.


5:45am – I am fiiiinally sitting nice and cozy in bed with a steaming hot cup of coffee, along with my yummy post-workout snack. The house is SILENT, it’s still dark out, and like I said, there is nothing more freeing than that. I sit holding my hot coffee mug in between my hands, sipping the deliciousness, while sitting in pure silence. And it is the most blissful thing ever.


6:00am – It’s time to put pen to paper. I absolutely love writing! I took one of Jess Lively’s online courses, and as part of the course, she asked that we write out any emotions that come up as well as anything that may have triggered the emotion. I’ve been writing consistently morning and night since basically the start of this year. It’s just become a part of my routine, but I will discuss it further in another post. So, I spend anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes writing – the length of time really just depends on what I’m feeling in that moment. If I finish in a short amount of time then I’ll just sit quietly again, sipping my coffee, until it’s time to shower.


Daily Routine + Structure |


6:30am / 6:45am – Time to hop in the shower and get ready for the day.


7:50am – I’m out the door for work.


8:30am to 5pm – It’s all work.


5pm – 5:45pm or so – My commute home. I tell ya. Altho, as of yesterday, I’ve decided to listen to Jess Lively’s Podcast, The Lively Show, while I’m driving. So far, so good – I like it! Can you tell I’m a fan of hers?! 🙂


5:45pm – 6pm – You can typically find me sitting on my bed doing something mind-numbing like scrolling Instagram or Facebook. It’s like a few minutes of wind-down time.


6pm – Time to prep everything for work the next day. I prep my breakfast, lunch, and snacks, so that I’m not scrambling for food when I’m starving. That’s not only inconvenient, it typically leads to poor food choices.


6:30pm – Dinner time. Eggs + toast typically because, well…it’s just my go-to, especially because time is short. I recognize I need to work on this!


Daily Routine + Structure |


7pm – I can slow down and breathe. I’m likely to scroll social media again because I’m tired and it requires nothing of me. This might happen on a “blah” day. Otherwise, I take a walk – any where from 30 – 45 minutes. And now-a-days, I’m more likely to be doing a final review of a post that’s scheduled to go up here the next morning. Or doing something else for a post, like editing pictures, or creating some text squares. It really just depends.


8pm – My nightly writing sesh. I super enjoy my alone time – all the time – but especially for writing. I cherish this time every morning and every night.


8:30pm or so – Time to get ready for bed. Meaning wash my face, put on all my face products, brush my teeth. Plus refill my water bottle, so it’s ready for my morning workout (saving time again!).


9pm (10 or 11pm on weekends) – That’s it, it’s over. I’m down for the count. Bedtime it is! Yep, most days at 9pm…and while it’s not always easy, I do love it. Plus, on weekdays, I’m exhausted by 9pm anyway since I get up so early. That’s a heck of a long day.


My days certainly look different on weekends. I do my whole morning routine still, of course. Altho Saturdays are my complete rest days, no workouts, no yoga, no walks. I force myself to rest, and sometimes it’s tough because I LOVE being active. Sundays start with a workout, so that I’m ready to workout during the week ahead. It’s like a prep day. After my morning routine on weekends, you can find me working on this items for this site. And I stick to my evening writing sessions as well.


Sure things vary here and there, but this schedule is fairly typical for me. I am a creature of habit, no doubt about it!


Well, that was fun to write out! I can tell you those few hours in the evening are a mad rush, and it’s fairly exhausting for sure. I’m curious to know if you all are as structured as I am? I know everyone does whatever works best for them. Me? I am (obviously) a planner through and through.


Enjoy your day, friends!

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