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Dream Big – And Then, Dream BIGGER


As I approach my 33rd birthday tomorrow (Yay!!), I wonder what in the world am I going to make of my life? As I’ve said, I’m tired of playing small and I most definitely want to take up space in this world. I want to dream BIG and then dream even BIGGER. As I learned from Jess Lively’s Live With Intention Online course – take your dreams and then multiply them by 3. Live big, take up space – follow your passion, your purpose, your heart.


Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE to bake and I live for a comfy cozy coffeehouse. While I want to live big and dream big, I truly do live for, love, and appreciate the small things in life. Because – it’s the small things in life, it’s always the small things that matter most. I like to call them life’s simple pleasures. And for me, a good latte and sweet treat is just that – a small thing and a simple pleasure.


Dream Big - And Then, Dream BIGGER |


In my humble opinion, it seems that everyone loves the desserts I bake. And therefore, countless people have said to me you should open a bakery! I am a self-taught baker, born out of my love for the sweet things in life – and hundreds, if not thousands, of hours dedicated to watching the Food Network for years on end. And reading cookbooks and following so many food blogs.


The idea to own a coffeehouse and bakery has always been in my mind and in my heart. Even now, everyone is still like sooo when are you opening that bakery? I had a friend who lives over 500 miles away text and ask me are you shipping your cakes yet?  


Dream Big - And Then, Dream BIGGER |


My mom keeps talking to me about having a business, my sister keeps nudging me. Another friend and I were texting, talking about work, and she sends me a GIF of someone cooking and says JUST DO IT ALREADY.  Plus, they all know my vision and what I see for myself. And of course, no one knows me better than I know myself. I know what I see for myself and it’s time to take action. It’s time to take the next right step.


This weekend, I woke up early, poured a cup of coffee, turned off my phone (it’s a distraction), and I sat and just allowed myself to think, to dream, for over an hour. In the stillness, in the quiet. I asked myself, what’s the possibility of doing this? What’s it’s going to take to make this dream a reality? And I just allowed the thoughts to pour in. I asked myself is this my opportunity? Is this what God brought me back to my small hometown for? For big opportunity? Dream Big - And Then, Dream BIGGER |

I have no qualms about what it takes to start a business, to own and maintain a successful business. I am aware that a majority of small businesses fail within the first 5 years. I get it, I know. But is that truly any reason to stop me, you, or anyone from making their dream a reality? No, not at all. It’s a risk, absolutely. But, what’s life without risk? If you tell yourself “they’re dreams for a reason” as a excuse to not pursue them, you will keep yourself stuck and playing small in life.


Don’t do that to yourself. You owe yourself more. And so do I.


Over the weekend, I feel like I found the clarity I’ve been seeking. I’ve had an overarching vision for my life, but now I feel like I can make sense of it all a lot better. I can see in my head what I want my business to look like, which is slightly different than what I previously envisioned – design-wise, anyway.


Maybe you’re thinking to yourself – wait, isn’t she going to Greece to become a yoga teacher? What does a coffeehouse and bakery have to do with that? Well, it all ties in together, and that’s the part of my vision that has not changed.

Dream Big - And Then, Dream BIGGER |

Now it’s time to get serious and work out the details. I know that once I’ve made the decision to do something and I have my mind set on it, I am focused and determined. I know there isn’t anything I cannot do if I give myself permission to do it and just keep putting one foot in front of the other.


And don’t be afraid of failure. Don’t give yourself permission to use it as an excuse either. If you fail, fail forward – no success is born without failure, without obstacles along the way. You can let it stop you, or you can let it fuel you. The choice is always yours.


So, you see, dream big. And then, DREAM BIGGER. You are the only person who can tell yourself “no”. Don’t ever forget that. With God, ALL things are possible. Do the work and have faith. You’ll get to where you’re going.

Dream Big - And Then, Dream BIGGER |

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