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Just Start!

Hiya there! I thought it was important to start off with a quote most can probably relate to…being afraid to start something new. Hiiiiii!! Yep, that’s me. I chose this quote specifically because, as I’ve been conceptualizing my vision for Cesca Rose, I’ve been afraid to take the leap and just START. Every time I stopped myself from starting, I would read this quote and encourage myself to just go for it already. So finally, I am here, making my vision a reality, and starting this new journey…fear and all!


Starting something new is intimidating and it takes a lot of self-encouraging talk to keep going. For every negative thought that passes through my mind, I try really hard to replace it with a positive one. I’ve been battling so many irrelevant thoughts – self-doubt being number one…it creeps in asking Am I good enough? How am I different from everyone else who has a site? On and on and on. And I am learning to keep pushing it out of my mind, because letting the self-doubt and negativity hang around, only keep me stuck in place. And that’s not helpful at all! What I remind myself of is that I am ME – and there’s only one me – so, I meant, there’s that! Just being me already makes me different from “everyone else”. Also, who even cares? Just be yourself! 🙂


I’ve also been comparing myself to where others are on their journey – this one’s a killer. For starters, there is zero sense in comparing my beginning to someone else’s middle. Nothing good can come from doing so. Everyone must begin somewhere, so just START already and let it all flow! This is true for me and for you. So, begin – whatever it is – and let it evolve into what it’s meant to be.


While it’s true that I’ve been slow to start, I know now that I’ve begun, I’ll just keep on rolling. Taking the first step is the most difficult thing to do, which is true for anything in life. But after that first step, IT’S ON! So just when you think you can’t, or that you’ll never actually start, remember that you’re worthy, you’re capable, and that you CAN. Go ahead, right now, and remove “I can’t” from your vocabulary. You CAN if you THINK you can – and truly, that’s more than half the battle right there. Life will always present challenges…take ’em as them come and move it along. You get knocked down 7 times, you get up 8. Onward, friends!


I got this. You got this. We got this!

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