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Know Your Worth

Know Your Worth | CescaRose.comNot going to lie, this is a tough one for me. I could say a lot, but I’m not sure I will right now because this is deeply personal for me and extremely close to my heart. I thought I’d healed this part of me, but as I sat down to write this, far too much rose to the surface. I recognize now that this isn’t something I’m entirely ready to be open about, but I’m sure I’ll revisit this topic again in the future. So, I’m going to let it be for now.


But what I will say is this…


It took me years to recognize and understand my worth. And honestly, I learned through experiencing and allowing so much that I should not have. And so, right now, it’s just a little too raw for me, which obviously means I still have more healing to do in this area. And that’s okay. More than okay. I know exactly how hard this lesson is to learn, and I know it took me more than it “should” have and longer than it “should” have for me to begin learning this. However, in the words of Pema Chodron, nothing ever goes away until it teaches you what you need to know. And that is the truth. Even if it’s the same person over and over, or multiple people in different ways (and also over and over). Eventually, YOU LEARN.


Please just know you are worthy of love, of someone’s time + attention, of their kindness + respect, and of them seeing you as more than they choose to see you as. If you love and respect yourself first, you will recognize and honor your worth. Always remember that. Knowing your value will protect you from those who fail to see your worth. And on your way to learning all of this, you’re going to stumble, and that’s okay. Pick yourself up and carry on, loves. It’s all a part of learning to love yourself.


So let me leave you with one of my favorite questions – If I asked you to name all of the things that you love, how long would it take for you to name yourself?

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