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Lesson #9: Listening To And Trusting My Intuition

Bringing Lesson #9 of 10 to you today! This writing journey has been quite therapeutic for me and has really helped me to appreciate my life journey even more. All that I’ve written in these posts aren’t necessarily things I knew or recognized prior to actually seeing it written out before me. Isn’t it interesting how we harbor all these thoughts, feelings, and emotions within us? And we rarely recognize we have so much to share that can help others along on their journey. It’s wild, really. I think oftentimes we’re so caught up in our own lives that we forget that our stories are actually worthy of being shared.

So wait, let me go ahead and link to the previous 8 lessons from my lessons learned post before I keep on with my rampage of words. 😊

#1: Learning how to be present in my life.

#2: Becoming self-aware.

#3: Listening to my heart.

#4: Learning how to truly love myself.

#5: Not giving a f*ck what people think about me.

#6: Learning to do what makes ME happy.

#7: Recognizing I have an innate desire for human connection.

#8: Learning it’s okay to be vulnerable with others.

And now, Lesson #9: Listening to and trusting my intuition.

Yes, so back to my point that our stories are absolutely worth sharing. While we are the only ones who has lived our particular stories, there are so many others in the world who have lived or are living a very similar experience. And it helps for us to all know we’re in this together and that we don’t have to do it alone and suffer in silence. So please, for everyone’s sake, including YOURS, speak up!

Lesson #9: Listening To And Trusting My Intuition |

I’ve always been a very intuitive person – I read people well, I know when something is off, my gut instinct is very strong. I am and always have been a deeply-feeling person, as I am in-tune with my emotions. Nowadays, I take some time to meditate with an intention, or write out what I’m feeling. Thing is, I can know a million things, but if I’m not trusting or honoring what I’m feeling then I am doing myself a disservice. It’s safe to say that I did this for a long time. When you don’t really know who you are, it’s hard to trust that your “negative” emotions are something you should listen to, let alone honor.

I readily admit that it took some very unfortunate events happening in my life for me to wake-up. It was confusing and difficult, and it made me question everything that I was and knew myself to be. But, that’s the point, right?

When God wants you to grow, He makes you uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable I was, totally out of my comfort zone, and in a very vulnerable space. I didn’t like it. But I had two choices – bury it all and remain the same, or start listening to and trusting my intuition. I choose the latter, thankfully. And it was then that I finally learned that I can do hard things. We all can, we just don’t know it until we’re forced with the choice to remain the same or evolve. And may you always choose to evolve.

This post goes hand-in-hand with Lesson #3: Listening to my heart. In that post I listed what changed in my life once I began listening to and trusting my intuition, so please feel free to take a moment to read that post before moving along here.

Lesson #9: Listening To And Trusting My Intuition |

What happened is that my world crumbled and fell apart, but the good news is that, in the process, and every day since, I have learned so much. It gave me the opportunity to learn about myself, separate from another person. It allowed me to hit rock bottom, pick myself up, and rise above. It taught me to trust myself even when I didn’t feel like I should be making any decisions at all. My goodness though, did making those tough decisions during an emotionally difficult time teach me THE MOST about trusting myself and my intuition.

From a really dark and deeply emotional space, I learned how to love myself DESPITE my flaws. I learned that I am human and not in any way perfect, and that I am still worthy. I learned that no one is for me as much as I am for myself. I learned that to really heal what hurt, I needed time, space, and isolation. I had to keep to myself in order to get to know myself without any outside opinions or judgements. And trust me, there were plenty. I also learned to ignore all the irrational unsolicited “advice” from those who thought they knew what was best for me. Funny how some people try to push on you what they think is best for you, instead of encouraging you to trust yourself to make your own decisions.    

It’s clear that I really did gain so much from just learning to be myself and to trust myself. It was a complete process of destruction all the way down to the bottom, so that I could learn how to build myself back up on a solid foundation. It wasn’t easy, but it was entirely worth it. When my therapist told me that the ground I stand on is solid, she meant it. But what I didn’t know at the time, is that it was me who had to build that solid ground. She told me repeatedly, that when I felt like I was being shaken, to close my eyes and envision myself standing on a small, solid piece of ground, to help me feel strong. Every time I felt shaken, I envisioned this. And I did it repeatedly until finally, I stood on solid ground because of the foundation I built.

So, for me, all of this is what it means to listen to and trust my intuition. It means I intuitively know what’s best for myself, it just requires me to listen – really listen – and take action.

Lesson #9: Listening To And Trusting My Intuition |

Since I am a Jess Lively fan, I’ve used the process of “writing to my intuition” for making tough decisions. You can check out this link to her site for more on what that means. And if you check out her podcast and her current Instagram posts, you’ll also find a lot about “inner voice” work.

Writing to my intuition is something I’ve done a handful of times – particularly when I was in an emotionally tough spot. It’s about really tuning-in to what your innermost thoughts and feelings are, honoring them, and taking inspired action based on what your intuition says is best. It sounds woo-woo, I get it – but, it’s a good method for beginning to listen to and trust your intuition.

Coming out of the last 3 years, this feels to me like the most important lesson of all. Now don’t get me wrong, every single lesson is important, and really, they all go hand-in-hand and build off of one another. But, this one in particular stands out because it’s about learning who you are AND loving yourself – flaws included. And it teaches you to listen to yourself and trust that you know exactly what is best for you.

Love yourself first, the rest will follow. ♥

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