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My Faith in God


Over the last 3 years, I have gradually built my faith and my relationship with God. I’m very quiet in my faith, as I feel it’s extremely personal. I don’t really discuss it with anyone, as it’s something that’s close to my heart. Throughout my life, I’ve believed, and I haven’t. I spent nights crying while praying and I’ve had conversations about not believing at all. Through this, I’ve found that, for me, there is a difference between organized religion and simply believing in God. I choose to believe in God and to build my relationship in a way that works for me, as I believe every person should.


After experiencing a difficult event in my life, I struggled a lot. I was used to doing yoga basically nightly, but after this, it took me about 7 weeks to get back on my yoga mat. When I finally got back on my mat, I chose to do one of my favorite videos, Love Yourself by Nicky Jones. And I cried the entire time. It was through this experience and my continued yoga practice, that I really began to develop a relationship with God.


My Faith in God |


If anyone were to ask me today, I would simply say I found God through yoga. Every night on my yoga mat, in silence, in stillness, I prayed. I prayed for help, for strength, to be pulled up. People who do yoga, always say to be prepared emotionally for whatever comes up while you’re on the mat. And it’s the truth. You never know when or how something emotionally tough will come to meet you. I have gotten on my yoga mat in a completely great place before and still ended crumpled up in tears. It happens. Through yoga, I found myself, and I undoubtedly found God.


I’ve since kept on my journey. For me, believing was a struggle because it’s based on trust. Believing isn’t something you can see, and there isn’t anything tangible to grab hold of. It’s in your heart. Having faith, to me, means just that – trusting that there is a higher power to have faith in. And let’s be honest, trust has never been my strongest area. Generally speaking, I am able to trust, however I am intuitive, and I observe a lot. When someone has hurt or wronged me, I will pull back. And interestingly enough, I found myself doing this with God ALL the time. Every ounce of my being wanted to trust, but oftentimes I was blocked. And when I did trust, I’d get angry when I felt let down, and I’d want to give up. But, I didn’t!

My Faith In God |

I think what strengthened my faith even more was when a friend challenged me to listen to Christian music for 30 days straight. Now I LOVE music and I listen to all types, so it was hard for me to forgo my typical music. In fact, I began my 30 days, but I only lasted 2 days the first time. So, I started over! And the second time I did it for the full amount of time. You know what? It made all the difference. I loved hearing the positivity everyday – every time I got in my car, every time I walked, every time I turned my music on at home. I had an app downloaded for the local Christian radio station, but eventually I just created a Christian Contemporary Radio station on Pandora. I loved it then and I love it now.


After my music challenge, I eventually began reading the Bible, and it went really well for a while. However, I did eventually stop. Not for any particular reason though. I think I just needed to go back to doing what worked for me, which is perfectly okay. To each their own!


I still listen to Christian music whenever I feel I need to, and especially when I need to be brought back to myself. I’m all about figuring out what I need in the moment, and sometimes I’m just looking for that positivity to be shined into my life. As I mentioned in a previous post, lately I’ve been listening to Lauren Daigle’s new album “Look Up Child”. Her song “You Say” is my absolute favorite and has been exactly what I’ve needed many times the last few weeks. If you haven’t already listened to her album, I super highly recommend you do. So good!! You can click the picture below to listen to her full album on YouTube.


Lauren Daigle - Look Up Child | My Faith In God |


If you’re looking to start building a relationship with God, if you’re struggling with your faith, or if you’re in a tough place, I encourage you to try the same 30-day Christian music challenge that I did. I promise it’s bound to help you in SO many ways. Between yoga, music, and blind faith alone, I feel I am in a really good place when it comes to my relationship with God. I think it’s worth remembering that, like anything in life, you must do what works best for YOU, without being swayed by others. Give something a try if it feels right – if it works, great. And if it doesn’t, that’s okay too. That just means you get to try something else that might work better for you.


Are there times when you’ll feel alone, frustrated, discouraged, knocked down? You bet. But there are also times when you’ll feel safe, protected, encouraged, joyful, and happy. The best part is knowing that it’s your choice! Feel ALL the feelings, and at the same time, remember to let go of those that no longer serve you.


Music, acknowledging your feelings, being grateful, giving thanks, feeling blessed, and learning to be self-aware are all bound to lead you down a happier path in life. I wish you all the best on your journey! I know I’m excited to continue mine.


My go-to reminder → God is greater than the highs and the lows. Be blessed, my friends.

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