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Random Ramblings #3

Let’s catch-up on some things! Random Ramblings style, of course. 😊

My travel arrangements for Greece are ALL set! I fiiiinally bought my ticket at a cheaper price than I’ve been finding for months, so YAY for that. And my Airbnb is all set up for the night I get in late and for the morning I leave early – at the same place, on the beach. Score!!! Everything is falling into place, and I am beyond excited!

My passport arrived this week – OMGee!! It took less than two weeks which I surely didn’t expect. I also went ahead and got the passport card, because why not? I soooo want to go to Sicily next! And Lisbon, Morocco, and Bali. Oh the places I’ll go!

Random Ramblings #3 |

It’s no secret I like lists and that I always have my notebook full of to-dos. Luckily, a few Instagram ladies that I met in the online Jess Lively course I took about a year ago, suggested I use Trello as an organizational tool. I took a moment to set it up and it’s GOLD, my friends. It allows you to create multiple boards with 3 different lists – To Do, Doing, and Done. You can also customize them to whatever you’d like. It’s an App, and you can also use the site. I currently have a board named “Cesca Rose” for this blog, “Personal” for alllll the life things, and “Yoga Teacher Training” for Greece. It’s keeping me organized and on-track. If you’ve never heard of it, and you love lists, I super highly recommend it. Or well, if you just need help organizing your life, and honestly, WHO doesn’t need that?

Random Ramblings #3 |

My workouts – welllll, I was doing really good (and I still am!), but with feeling so rundown lately, I’ve taken a step back. I am doing a 3-month booty program, which includes a few booty days and a few upper body + abs days. I haven’t missed any of the booty workout days (YAY!), but I’ve missed a few upper body. I’m committed to getting back on-track with week 5, though. I am adamant about listening to my body, and while I do feel “guilty” for missing a few days, I have to do what’s best for me.

At the start of the month, I began two 30-day challenges. One for yoga from Yoga With Adriene and one for abs from Blogilates. I traveled to Chicago for work earlier this month, and I missed 2 days of both challenges. But, I got back on-track with yoga and haven’t missed anymore days – it’s just my favorite! As for the abs challenge, it hasn’t gone as planned because, on my rest days from working out, I don’t do the ab workouts. Sooo, not perfect, but hey, I’m human. Plus, I was being super ambitious. Overall though, I’m feeling good about what I’ve been able to do this month.

Random Ramblings #3 |

I got my second facial last week, and it seems like my skin has improved. I definitely ended up breaking out after the first facial – not ideal and not fun, but I expected it. So far with this facial, I haven’t peeled much at all, and I haven’t had a break out, thankfully! I’ll keep up with doing this for the next several months, or however long, as long as I continue to see improvement. I am thankful for my facialist, as she’s committed to helping my skin improve. I’ll be switching to a few new recommended products soon, and I am hopeful they’ll be good!

I’m looking to keep up with more mindful self-care, so I plan to schedule a massage soon. I hold an immense amount of tension in my shoulders, and my left side is currently very tender, which is another reason I’ve taken it easy on the upper body workouts – gotta think long-term, not short-term gains. I’ve gotten a few massages before and they are INCREDIBLE! I love getting to relax and just be taken care of. Super de-stressor and so good for the body, so I need to get on scheduling this ASAP. Definitely learning the importance of self-care, especially since I’ve been working 6 days per week and still keeping up with everything else.

Speaking of my skin, I’ve done a better job cutting out dairy. It’s so tough because I love cheese, but I’m down to rarely having any at all. And other than a small amount of half & half in my morning coffee, I don’t eat any other dairy. I completely cut out almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, spinach, and tomatoes (all the things I’m also allergic to). Although, I have definitely eaten spinach and tomatoes before without even thinking about it but have been super mindful as of late.

Oh and another good, healthy, self-care thing – eating better. I’ve been doing a pretty good job with making healthy bowls to take for lunch. I usually only shop at Aldi, which has most everything, but I just happened to check out the frozen veggie aisle at Walmart and was super happy to see SO MANY different options. It was like a whole new world, friends. I got sweet potatoes, pumpkin, butternut squash, beets, and a few other things. For my bowls, I usually include quinoa (cooked with some nutritional yeast), kale, beans, veggies, and currently, vegan meatballs or tuna fish for protein. Then I top it with a mixture of seeds and shake it up with a quick dressing. Easy peasy!

Random Ramblings #3 |

I’ve also been really trying to squeeze in more time to read, which is nice. I love sitting quietly and reading in the early morning with a cup of coffee in-hand. It’s just simply blissful! I have lots left to read for my Yoga Teacher Training, so I need to keep on. Time feels so elusive with ALL THE THINGS going on in life, but I’m doing my best to learn time-management and to change the story I tell myself – it’s a daily practice.

And the last thing for now. I started a daily meditation practice using the Simple Habit app. It’s a 31-day Fresh Start challenge, and I’m currently on day 10. It’s just 5 minutes a day, which is perfect for building an on-going meditation practice. I always do yoga just before I go to bed, so I’ve begun meditating right afterwards, and it’s really working out well. Another win in self-care!!

Whew, I think we’re all caught up for now! It’s crazy how many things can be going on in life all at the same time. Such a whirlwind, which means we need be so mindful about taking good care of ourselves throughout it all.

What have your days been like? Are you keeping up with your self-care routine?

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