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Random Ramblings #4

Hiiii! Gonna lighten things up ‘round here with a little rambling chit-chat. Whaddya say?

Remember my A Mindful Morning vision board? Well, I totally lived it yesterday morning and this morning. Yay!!! I woke up around 4:45 – yep, even on my non-workout days – pushed that blissful little coffee button to brew up some magic, lit my candle, and settled in for one of my favorite morning yoga videos. It’s a quick one, only about 15 minutes, and it’s so relaxing. Also, love me some Cole Chance! If you don’t follow her on Instagram, you should – super gorgeous feed! Now, I’m sitting here sippin’ some of said magic while I write. My kinda morning!

Random Ramblings #4 |

I’ve completed 2 months of my 3-month booty program, and my body is still trying to figure out WTF I’m doing to it. Ahhh, the program is no joke! Hip thrusts are no joke – that frigg brings me to my knees, literally. I finish a set and immediately tumble over…thinking, why do I do this? But then the burning passes, and I’m like this is amazing! I’ll finish this program right before I leave for Greece, and then when I get back, I think imma do Fitness Blender’s Abs Program. It super works!! Then I’ll restart the booty program because why not torture myself some more? 😊 Kidding – I love working out!

I got my third facial over the weekend, and I’m really excited about how well they’re working for me. Certainly, I still have hyper-pigmentation – basically reddish scars – but they will fade over time (it takes months and months). I also have full-on acne scars that are, unfortunately, here to stick around. With the facials though, my breakouts have stopped almost entirely. I have broken out about a week after each facial, which is really just a result of the facial clearing out my pores, but otherwise – no breakouts. YAY for that! I’m really looking forward to the reddish scars fading away, so that I can kick my powder foundation to the curb. I am also altering my skincare routine to try to eliminate a few products. Also looking forward to that!

My trip to Greece is rapidly approaching! I am excited, happy, nervous, and scared…all at the same time. Overall though, I just can’t wait to experience the whole thing – travel, Santorini, the pretty boutique hotel, the yoga training itself. So much to be thankful for! I also just found out that graduation day for my yoga teacher training has been moved up by a day, which means I’ll now have about a day and a half to explore! Did I mention I’m REALLY excited? Looking forward to checking out Oia! Words can’t really explain how blessed I feel to be able to take this trip. I am super grateful!

Random Ramblings #4 |

Speaking of yoga, I’ve been wanting to try a hot yoga class for a long time now, but I never have because of my finicky skin. With hot yoga being so super sweaty, I figure I might really break out afterwards – ah! But, now that my YTT is approaching, I think I’d like to give it a shot. I’ll need to see if I can convince anyone to do it with me. It may seem as though I like to do tortuous workout things, but really, I just love a good challenge! 😉

After writing my last two posts about divorce, I decided to go back and start reading my writings from that time about 3 years ago. Remember my Lessons Learned posts? Well, I was reading through my writings, and oddly enough, I came across a paragraph about lessons learned. I mentioned not caring what others think and connecting with others. Now, I haven’t read through my writings at all since I wrote them, so how odd that I actually wrote a post about my lessons learned, including those two lessons exactly as I wrote them 3 years ago? *Mind blown*

Which brings me to manifestation. I know you might be thinking that’s woo-woo stuff. But wait, hear me out. I’ve read The Secret about the law of attraction, and I’ve also read most of the Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I also follow Manifestation Babe on Instagram and I’m part of her Facebook Group too. I’m dippin’ my toes in trying to understand and figure out what it means to truly manifest good things in life. Overall, what I’m finding is that it’s about believing you’re capable of having what you desire – which is why I created my vision boards. I’m letting the universe know that this is the life I desire to create. It’s the BELIEF. It’s also about non-attachment. This is a biggie!! My basic understanding is this – ASK for what you desire, LIVE as if you already have it, BELIEVE you’ll receive it, LET GO of any attachment (don’t worry about how you’ll receive it), and then RECEIVE it when the time is right. I don’t know everything about this, but I’m beginning to grasp it, and it feels very powerful. It’s really all about the mind and how grateful you are – hence my Attitude of Gratitude posts. Call it whatever you want, just be grateful every day! Okay, end rant. But, isn’t this effing exciting!?! 😊

Random Ramblings #4 |

Oh, my trip to Greece? I totally manifested that. In mid-August, I created this pic collage – Terrasini, Sicily, Santorini, Greece, and Lisbon, Portugal – and posted it to my IG Stories. I put it out into the Universe, and didn’t think any more about it. And then, maybe a week later, I stumble across Yoga by Candace on Instagram and began following her (I knew of her long before this), just in-time to see her announcement about YTT in Santorini!!! I remember being really high-vibe and grateful in August, even manifesting little things – so, THIS was exciting! Naturally, I overthought it for a bit, but then just went for it. And JUST LIKE THAT, this girl is off to Greece. Mark that off my goals list!

Okay, total happy rant there. 🙂

I’ve had my eye on some super cute wine glasses, flutes, and champagne flutes for about 2 months now. I saw the last few packages of each of them at the store again (and on sale!) and finally just decided to buy them for my future home! I have to keep things moving forward and let life flow – releasing attachment to any specific outcome and trusting I’ll end up exactly where I’m meant to be. I can’t sit here feeling stuck and waiting until something is “right” to make a move. I’ve decided that I’m just going to move it forward, live my life, and let it unfold. So, the glasses – they have pretty gold polka dots + stripes – remember the color scheme from my vision boards? It’s a start! And, I LOVE stripes and polka dots!! Next up – a place of my own after I return from Greece. Do I rent, do I buy? We’ll see what flows! You see how cute these glasses are?! So excited!

Random Ramblings #4 |

Also, my space has been feeling overly cluttered since I moved over a year ago. Mostly everything I own is in ONE room, with a little spill over of stuff in the basement. But, with all this #KonMari talk, I’m looking to declutter and toss anything out that doesn’t spark joy. I hate clutter and things, with the exception of my infamous paper piles (haha!) – so, I’m looking to let it all go. I also feel like physical clutter is a representation of mental clutter and I DISLIKE it. With that, imma #KonMari the frigg outta my space. I can’t wait!

I think I’ve covered all my random ramblings for now. Super love these posts! I’m looking forward to moving it forward, letting life flow, manifesting ALL the things, and continuing to be happy. Despite not yet being where I desire to be, I know I’m on my way! I’m also genuinely happy, which is an amazing feeling. And above all, I’m simply very grateful for everything in my life. Trust me when I say that being grateful is the basis for an authentically happy + abundant life.

Now go and love your life exactly as it is. Appreciate this moment, live in this moment. You’ll get to where you’re going, even if you don’t know where you’ll end up. And really, isn’t that the beauty of life?

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