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Sunday Night Random Ramblings

Hey there! Things have been kind of quiet around here, huh? I ended up taking an unintentional break from writing while I was on vacation in Florida, but I’m back! I hope you all had a lovely holiday. I relaxed, sat outside in the sunshine to read (surely don’t get to do that during December in Michigan!), spent time with family and a sweet little puppy, baked a cake and cookies, ate A LOT of said cookies, enjoyed delicious food, AND went to the beach. The Florida weather was absolutely beautiful and I super loved it! I’ll probably do a picture post sometime in the near future…because you know I took a ton of pics!

Other than all of that goodness, I’m here today with a Sunday night edition of Random Ramblings. Kind of love these posts!

So, here’s the happenings-

  • Florida really was lovely, and I could certainly handle every day being 70 – 80 degrees. Super perfect weather! Perhaps I need to move to SoCal, if that’s my style.
  • I’m a little bit peopled-out from being in a house with anywhere from 6 to 12 other people, so I am very, very thrilled to be home in the peace and quiet. I so need my alone time to regroup and I am loving it. I didn’t even listen to music for probably 2 days – I just needed quiet-time.
  • I should really hit up a beach more often. I didn’t hop in my swimsuit this time, but oh how I LOVE laying out in the hot sunny sun. Here in Michigan, I’m about 3 hours from the beach, so looks like I’ll be needing a few weekend trips this coming summer. Laying on the beach for a few hours listening to music is THE LIFE.
  • When I got back from vacay the other day, I went for a facial. My first ever! And let me tell you, I was super nervous because my skin is sensitive and acne-prone. But, I decided to give it a go anyway. Loved the facial and all is good – just my face is peeling off a layer or two a the moment, and it’s kind of freakish looking. But hey, I’m all about finding ways to improve my skin. Hoping all this peeling helps with some scarring I have. Looking to do another facial in about 2 weeks to a month. Exciting!
  • Do you know it’s fairly difficult to give up dairy…specifically, cheese. I wrote about my food allergies a few months ago, and I’ve been really good about cutting out most of what I’m allergic to. Of course, with the exception of dairy. And sometimes tomatoes pop up here and there, but I’ve done well otherwise. Seems dairy, and mainly just cheese, is my culprit when it comes to my allergies causing acne. I’m still testing it out, but I really do need to give up cheese all together. Send help! I’m going to keep trying – I know I just really need to set my mind to it and I’m good to go.
  • Holy goodness, I didn’t workout at all while on vacation, and well, I don’t recommend that. My workouts are way too important to me – for my mindset – to be skipping them. Definitely must keep this in mind next time. I hopped right back into working out yesterday and today, and I’m THRILLED. Still keeping up with Fitness Blender videos, which are my absolute favorite. However, I’m departing from my norm on Tuesday to start a 3-month booty program. I’m beyond excited!
  • I got some Argan Oil about a month or so ago that came with my new hair dryer. I read up on what to do with it, so I decided that I’m going to do an overnight hair mask tonight. It might also help that I haven’t washed my hair since…Thursday? A lot of natural oil in there too. No worries, friends, I shower even when I don’t wash my hair – just in case you were thinking gross, lol! I’m pretty excited about this and looking forward to some luscious locks tomorrow. Yay! New skin, fresh hair – I mean, I’m going all out here. 😉
  • Oooh, I mentioned that I read while in Florida, but I didn’t mention what book. So, let me tell you now. I’m reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, and it’s friggin amazing! I am really enjoying the book, and I’m so looking forward to improving my mindset more and more every day. Really exciting stuff, friends. If you haven’t read it, hop on Amazon and get yourself a copy ASAP.
  • Speaking of Amazon, I signed back up for Amazon Prime, and let me tell you, I think I ordered the world. I stopped paying for Prime when I moved home last year, but I got it again because I had lots of books to order (for my Yoga Teacher Training!!!). And well, I just got real click happy. I bought stuff I needed though, so it’s all justified – face products, collagen peptides, shoes, cell phone case. No splurges, but boy did it feel good to finally buy a few things I’d been needing.
  • I know I’ve mentioned my happiness jar here a few times, but as a refresher – I write down something I’m thankful for each night throughout the year, and I drop it into my jar (it’s a big ole cookie jar, naturally). And then on the last day of the year I sit and read every note from the jar. So that means I get to do this tomorrow, and I’m really excited!! I love seeing how much I’ve grown and how much my mindset shifted throughout the year. Do you keep a happiness jar? If so, I’d love to know! Personally, this is a tradition I’m excited to keep up with.

Okay, it’s starting to get late now, so I’m going to hop off of here. Time to get my hair mask on and get some rest!

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