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Take Up Space


I often find myself thinking that I’m playing very small in this life. I know I am capable of more, and I know I am not reaching my full potential. Not yet anyway! And I also know I’m on my way. Over the weekend, while I was taking a walk, I kept thinking to myself that it’s okay to take up space in this world. There is nothing that says I can’t and there is no one that can stop me. And that thought feels really freeing.


While I know I’m playing small, I’m not yet sure how to remedy it. You have to be willing to take risks in order to be great, and I’m not afraid to take risks, it’s just…what am I jumping to? Like, it’s cool if you have this idea and you’re willing to risk whatever to make it work. I admire that completely. For me, I’m still trying to figure out what it is I’m trying to get to.


It's Okay To Take Up Space |


There is PLENTY I want to accomplish in my life. So, it’s not that I don’t have goals – I absolutely do! – it’s the getting there part that I feel stuck on. I’ve written out my goals…I always do. In fact, I have several lists scattered here and there throughout my writings. But really, those are just lists of goals and nothing more. Anyone can do that. Maybe then, it’s the “action steps” that I’m missing.


    • HOW do I reach these goals?
    • WHAT is it going to take?
    • What are the next RIGHT steps?


Oftentimes I have so many goals running through my head that I don’t feel as focused as I need to be. I have an overarching vision for my life, which is lovely. Having the big picture in mind is the best starting place. It’s just that now I need to break it down in to smaller action steps. See what I keep coming back to here? ACTION STEPS.


I think I’m on to something. 😉


In this social media culture we live in, everyone’s “highlight reels” are staring us in the face. And sometimes it’s intimidating and even discouraging – like, why can they do that and I can’t? First of all, scratch that thought, because YOU CAN. But also, let’s be honest, they were all beginners at one point too, and none of them had any idea what they were doing. They just kept taking the next right step for them and it got them to where they were going, even though they really probably had NO IDEA where they’d end up.

It's Okay To Take Up Space | www.CescaRose.comLately I have been reminding myself that living in the unknown is okay – it’s more than okay! Really, I think the unknown IS the beauty of life. It’s been a practice for me the last few years to relax, give up control, and JUST BE. It’s been a practice to live in the NOW and not be attached to any certain outcome in life, as I discussed in my previous post.


Don’t get me wrong, I still love planning my days and having a general idea of how I’d like my days to unfold, but I’m not attached to every little thing going “according to plan”. When I find myself falling into that mindset, I talk myself through it – like, it’s okay, take life as it comes and enjoy this moment. Live in the now, live in the present.


I say all this to say that, while I do have goals, I am not attached to a certain outcome from those goals. Because I can make all the plans I want, but life has shown me that it’s going to work out as it’s meant to. And I am actually looking forward to whatever surprises pop up along the way. In fact, I’m just really excited.


It's Okay To Take Up Space |


So, I think what I’ll do is keep my goals – they aren’t going anywhere – and just keep taking the NEXT RIGHT STEP, whatever that may be. And maybe I end up perfectly where I intended for my goals to take me, or maybe, just MAYBE, I end up some place better. THAT’S what I mean when I say I’m not attached to any certain outcome. Chances are good that it’s all going to be better than I could ever imagine!


And when I say keep taking the next right step – for me, going to Greece for Yoga Teacher Training is one of those steps. I have this vision of owning a yoga studio, so YTT is the obvious next right step. Where will it take me? I have no idea and that is so much more than okay. Will I have a yoga studio in a cute downtown area? Will I travel the world teaching yoga? Will I take additional training to become certified in yoga for trauma, so that I can teach yoga as a form of healing? Will I focus on teaching yoga and self-love to empower others? I have NO idea, but I do know that I am MORE than excited for my future.


It's Okay To Take Up Space | www.CescaRose.Com


Bottom line? Write down your goals, break them down further into smaller action steps. Then continuously take the next right step. You’ll intuitively know the next right step. Just like I did when the opportunity appeared for me to go to Greece. The universe has your back, God will deliver. So keep on keeping on…one foot in front of the other. You will get to where you’re going, even if you have no idea where you’ll end up. And guess what? That’s okay! ALLOW it to be okay.


Live your life for YOU! Take up space in this world. You don’t need permission, just DO IT.

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