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Thinking Out Loud

Isn’t it interesting how our moods change, and we feel up and down, like some days are great and others are meh? Overall, I’m in a good place and I feel great, but I think I’m wearing myself out a bit lately, and I’m starting to feel it. Let’s take a rundown here – a mental scan of life at the moment, if you will.

This is me thinking out loud.

  • I wake-up every weekday between 4:30 and 5, which is a bit later than I need it to be. But hey, I’m human. With how long my workouts have been lately, I need to be up at 4:15, but we’ll see about that! And really, I want to get up earlier so that I’m not cutting into my quiet coffee-time, which I’ve been sacrificing by like 30 minutes lately. My alone time is super important, and I love the absolute silence of the early morning.

  • I wake-up early on Saturday mornings too – earlier than I used to I should say. Again, to get in my workout and coffee-time, but also because I’ve been working on Saturdays for the past 2 months at a coffeehouse – baking a few cakes. It’s been a really great opportunity! But let me tell you, working 6 days straight is taking a toll, especially after a week of 10-hour days at my regular job.

Did I say I’m tired?

  • And then there’s Sunday – my lone day to myself. But you know how Sundays go, right? Grocery shopping, doing laundry, getting all those odds and ends prepped for the following week.

  • So, let’s talk workouts. At the start of the month, I began 3 new things. Ambitious much? I’m doing a 3-month booty program that is 5 days a week. And because it’s not like my usual Fitness Blender videos that I can just follow right along with, it’s taking me longer than usual to get through every morning. I also started the 30-day Ab Challenge with Blogilates, plus the 30-day Yoga Challenge from Yoga With Adriene. I do the ab challenge and the workout program every morning and then I do yoga just before bed.

  • I love my fitness routine and look forward to it every day, but it’s safe to say I’m feeling tired and a bit worn out. And I’m not too sure how to remedy the issue right now. I’m making an effort to get a little more sleep each night, but now I just need to listen to my body and rest appropriately. I’ve been taking 1 rest day instead of 2 and that’s a no-no. Last time I did this, working out 6 days a week, I threw my body for a huge loop and it wasn’t ideal.

Lesson here? SLOW DOWN and listen to your body.

So aside from all that, I’m feeling short on time in my days. And I don’t like saying that really because it’s all in the story we tell ourselves. But still, I’m trying to honor how I feel right now.

  • After work every day, I have about 3 hours from the time I get home until the time I go to sleep – not a lot of time at all really. In that time, I eat dinner, do up some dishes, prep my breakfast and lunch for the following day, get ready for bed (my nightly skincare routine), take a moment to breathe, decide if I’m going to read, write a post, stare at the wall, or scroll social media for a bit. And then I do yoga and hop into bed. It’s the same thing on the daily.

  • Right, so did I mention somewhere in all that, that I also (and obviously) take the time to write my posts for this site. Plus try to keep up with Instagram posts for it all. And Facebook, but that’s taken a back seat. Reminder to myself: I am one person.

  • And somewhere in between my normal every day, I try to take time to be present with my family and connect with my friends. Like seriously, HOW DO PEOPLE DO IT? I don’t even have my own family yet. How does one squeeze everything into such a small amount of time?

Okay, I think I’m done. I just needed to get all of that out – and it’s probably not even everything. I get this way sometimes…that feeling of being in a rut. It’s hard, but I know it’s just a day and a feeling. I just need to feel it, let it pass, and then change the story I tell myself. But because I’m human and no where near perfect, I just needed to acknowledge that it’s tough right now.

Wait, a few more things.

  • I haven’t even taken the time to write out my goals for the year, to plan what I want this year to be. It’s in my head, but that’s not good enough – I need to get it all out and on to paper, so that I can be accountable to myself. I guess I just need to figure out how to balance my days better. While I can’t do it all – I’m not superwoman, although I’d love to be – I do need to get a plan in place.

  • Oh, and I have TONS of reading to do for my upcoming Yoga Teacher Training. Plus, just planning to be overseas for 3 weeks – I know there is so much I need to know and do.

Okay, I’ve figured it out. I’m quite simply OVERWHELMED. So much to do, so little time. I think what I need to do is get back to my alignment time every morning and night. It kept me centered and in-check with myself, and it gave me the time to acknowledge where I am mentally each and every day – twice a day at that. While I have a routine now, I don’t really feel like I do. It feels more like being on autopilot and going through the motions, and that’s not the space I like to live in. I strive to be present, and right now, I’m a bit off-track – taking each day as it comes, instead of planning each day accordingly.

Speaking of, that’s also what I need to get back to – every night before bed I would plan the next day out for myself, so that I could track what I needed to do. It really helped keep me on-track, so that’s probably something I need to do again. I also like checking things off as I do them. Plus, having a list helps me remember the small things I need to do as well – do my budget / track spending, transfer money, pay credit card…you know all those small, important items where it’s easy to say I’ll do it tomorrow. And then tomorrow comes and goes. You know?

Whew, sometimes it’s good to think out loud, write everything out, and kind of see where you are. Right? Now to remedy the situation, STOP complaining and simply be thankful for another beautiful day. And then just get your head together and figure it out. Complaining does nothing but exacerbate the situation and that’s not necessary. It really does pay to have an attitude of gratitude.

So, onward. Plan, do, and learn to rest. And don’t forget to breathe. If you’re also in this same space, take a moment, breathe, step back, and evaluate where you’re at – then make a plan, breathe, and keep on keeping on.

I got this.
You got this.
We got this.

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