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This Girl is off to Greece!


You guys!! I am so super excited to share some HAPPY news! In mid-August, I posted an IG Story about creating the life you desire with a picture collage of the following places:


  • Terrasini, Sicily
  • Santorini, Greece
  • Lisbon, Portugal


And I was all like let dreams become plans! #Goals – Because legit…I’m gonna live in all three places within the next few years!


So anyway, around the same time, I randomly began following Yoga by Candace on Instagram. I don’t even know how this happened. But anyway, I saw her Insta post about some exciting news over on her site. So, I go take a look. And what do you know?! She has an upcoming 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in SANTORINI, GREECE! Hellllloooo!


This Girl Is Going to Greece! |


I felt really excited and REALLY super like let’s do this! But then, traveling to Greece…on my own?! Ahhh. I love my comfort zone a little too much, so the thought scared every ounce of my being. And yet, intuitively, I just knew this was for me. I still grappled with the idea though – that’s really far to travel, it’s A LOT of money. And so, I thought about it…and then I thought about it some more. For probably 2 weeks. Classic overthinker here. Hiiii!


Finally, on September 2nd, I applied! It took me probably close to 2 hours to complete the application because I poured my heart and soul into it. I paid the application fee, hit submit, and then I took a deep breath and was like I DID IT! Now I wait. But, I didn’t have to wait long – the following evening I received an e-mail saying I was accepted. And it really just felt right – I knew I’d done the next right thing for me. And that was and is such a good feeling!


Now, it was time to pay for the training. At this point, I did kind of freak out because, again, it’s a lot of money. However, I assured myself that money comes back, TIME does not. So, go for it! Before I applied, I made sure I’d have enough vacation time at work for the entire 3 weeks. Check – all good! Then I had to wait for approval to take the time off. Again – check! Once everything was set with my vacation time, I went ahead and paid.


This Girl Is Going to Greece! |


OMGEE! *Total freak out mode*


Sooo YES, I am heading to GREECE next Spring for 3 WEEKS!!! And I will be coming home as a certified yoga teacher! Talk about manifesting good things in life – this was like boom, boom, BOOM. It all just came together, and I honestly couldn’t be more excited.


Oh wait! I totally forgot something important. While I was overthinking, I had the thought to open my notebook from last year – just curious to see where I was on that same day a year earlier. It was August 27th, so I turned to the same date in 2017, and sure enough, I wrote on that day. And guess what I wrote?!


Random thought: Get that passport you’ve been thinking about.


Talk about a sign! God’s timing is simply perfect. And I am so thankful, grateful, and entirely BLESSED! So now I really do need to get a passport and a plane ticket!! Ahhhh, I can’t even!!!


This Girl Is Going to Greece! |



This girl is off to Greece! And I know in my heart that this trip is going to be a game changer. It’s going to be big. Everything in me says “you are absolutely doing the next right thing”. This is a huge step for me – in SO many ways! I’m really excited, and I recognize this as an opportunity and as a step in the right direction. I honestly could not ask for more in this moment.


Now it’s time to up my yoga game! I need to kick my practice back up, plus go to different yoga studios to try new-to-me yoga. I will also have LOTS of required readings, but I’ve already begun reading one of the many books. YAY!


This is no doubt going to be a HUGE challenge for me, and I am totally up for it. And my heart is happy! I feel very blessed and fortunate to be able to do this.


Wait…did I mention I’M EXCITED?!


Let the countdown begin! 😊


*Note: These gorgeous pics are from the Pelagos Hotel website. This hotel host all sorts of yoga retreats and trainings, including Yoga by Candace. So awesome!

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