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Hey there!! That picture right there ↑ – yep, that basically sums me up! 🙂 Writing, ALL the words, pretty coffee mugs, and lots of inspiration. Oh and mustard yellow…my favorite color! It is mustard yellow though?! I mean, I think there’s probably a prettier word to use. But anyway, welcome!! Super happy to have you here with me in this little space of mine.


The idea for this site has been rolling around in my mind for probably 2 years now.  I’ve talked the talk, now it’s time to walk the walk! I bought this domain name – Cesca Rose – literally about 14 months ago, but I just began creating it all behind the scenes a few months ago. It’s been a slow process for sure – to be fair, I had a lot going on – but what I can say is this…I’ve gotten to this point all by myself! And, trust, I am no techie. BUT! I was able to create this site out of pure determination with zero clue of what I was doing, and I must say I am super proud of myself for bringing my vision to life! Let’s be honest, taking the leap can be scary y’all, but once you start, all you have to do is keep pushing forward. The first step is the hardest! In the end though, perseverance and determination will always win.


Now the real fun begins – posting! So I’ve been waiting for “the right time” to take the leap and start this site…yet we all know “the right time” doesn’t actually exist, right? Fear and self-doubt are real though when you’re trying to step outside your comfort zone. But, here I am – starting! – even though everything is not perfect. The site isn’t exactly how I want it, I don’t have professional pictures taken of myself to post, my Facebook page isn’t set up yet, there is extra space between my paragraphs (why?!), and the list goes on and on. But, instead of continuing to wait, I remind myself over and over again that “done is better than perfect” – a super tough concept for a recovering perfectionist to grasp. Haha!


Welcome! |


Despite things not being “perfect”, I definitely have a vision for what this space will be, and I also know that things will change and take shape as time goes on. Because everything evolves with time, right? I’m excited to FINALLY begin this journey and see it all come together.


So, what can you expect to find here on Cesca Rose? I love writing – words are basically my happy place – so I kind of see this being a bit of a journaling space about life happenings, thoughts, what have you. I also love to cook and bake, so I’ll be sharing some yummy recipes with you. Working out is life, so expect to see some posts about my workouts and living a healthy lifestyle. I’ve also included a section for photography, as I love capturing pretty things. And this will be a space where you can stop by for a little inspiration, too! I love, love, love quotes and such, so I’ll post an inspirational quote, saying, or some lyrics for you as a little pick-me-up. Funny how you always seem to read the right thing at the right time, isn’t it? Eventually, I’ll add in some travel experiences as well. All in due time! 🙂


Welcome! |


Thanks for stopping by and following along with me! Oh, and if you haven’t already, feel free to check out my About page. Okay now, time to get things rolling around here…yayyy!

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